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Elevate Fertility for Women & Men

We provide advanced manual therapy for fertility in Tampa Bay that is evidence-based and affordable! Through the manual therapy techniques of visceral mobilization and lymphatic drainage we boost fertility in women & men. These non-medication based methods can be used to maximize rates of success with natural conception or medically assisted fertility procedures like IVF and IUI.  

Compared to other manual therapy treatments for fertility like Arvigo or Mayan Abdominal Massage, our pelvic floor therapist is able to target the reproductive organs externally, and internally through the vagina, with better outcomes for our clients. This service is only available at out Tampa Bay location. 

Female Fertility Challenges

Mechanical factors contribute to 30-50% of female infertility. This may include tube torsion, partial or complete tube blockage, abdominal and pelvic adhesions (scarring) from history of endometriosis, surgery, or trauma.

By improving the movement of soft-tissues (muscles & fascia) around the reproductive organs, our Pelvic Floor Therapist can help you improve fertility by correcting malpositions and improving blood flow to the pelvic organs.

Visceral Mobilization is a gentle, pain-free, adjustment to the muscles in the abdomen & pelvis which can be an effective non-drug support for fertility.

Women with following conditions may notice benefits from Visceral Mobilization

~ Endometriosis
~ PCOS and Pelvic Inflammatory Disease
~ Lower abdominal & pelvic surgery
~ Recurrent pregnancy loss and Recurrent implantation failure
~ Secondary infertility
~ Unexplained infertility

This treatment can be safely used with IVF, IUI, and natural timed intercourse. 

Below is the most recent evidence to support the use of Visceral Mobilization to support Fertility:

Male Fertility Challenges

Men are found to be the only cause or a contributing cause of infertility problems in couples in about 40% of cases1 The most common issues that lead to infertility in men are problems that affect how the testicles work. By using visceral mobilization and lymph drainage, our pelvic floor therapist improves circulation to the testicles, thereby improving their function. 
Our treatments are especially helpful for men diagnosed with varicoceles, male factor infertility, or those that have other sexual health problems like difficulties with erection and/or ejaculation.  
1. American Society for Reproductive Medicine. (n.d.). Quick facts about infertility. Retrieved May 31, 2016, from http://connect.asrm.org/srs/about/new-item9?ssopc=1 

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