Pelvic Pain

We specialize in the treatment of Acute & Chronic Pelvic Pain for people of all genders and ages.

Acute Pain

Acute Pain occurs when the body is injured, or experiencing an infection or rapid change in tissue structure as during pregnancy. We work with your medical provider to decrease pain in your abdomen & pelvis once you have been medically cleared. Some acute pain conditions that we treat are – 

– Pain post abdominal & pelvic surgery
– Tailbone pain after injury
– Low back pain after injury
– Pregnancy related pelvic pain (pubic pain, SI joint pain, groin pain)

Chronic Pelvic Pain

Chronic Pelvic Pain is diagnosed when in women & men when pain in the pelvis and/or abdomen lasts for longer than 3-6 months. It is usually a combination of physical symptoms (pain, trouble sleeping, loss of appetite, intimacy difficulties), psychological symptoms (depression), and changes in behavior (decreased activity levels, decreased mental energy). We know that this pain is not “all in your head”, and work with you to get to the root cause through manual pelvic floor therapy, therapeutic exercise, and pain reprocessing therapy.

We help people of all genders overcome chronic pelvic pain, and return to healthy, active, and joyful lives. Some chronic pelvic pain conditions we treat are –

– Chronic hemorrhoids
– Chronic Pelvic Pain
– Chronic Prostatitis
– Chronic SI joint pain
– Crohn’s Disease
– Endometriosis
– IBS and IBD
– Painful Bladder Syndrome
– Vaginismus
– Vulvodynia

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