Transgender Health

We strive to provide person-centered care based in compassion and the latest research to all Transgender folk. We work with Trans clients to optimize their core and pelvic health at all stages of their Social and Medical Transition.

Social Transition

Pelvic health concerns can emerge with social transition practices such as tucking, packing, binding, and the use of chest & buttock prostheses. We use manual therapy techniques and therapeutic exercise to relieve symptoms such as urinary leaking and pelvic pain that may accompany these social transition methods. 

We also assist our MTF & FTM Trans clients to embody confidence in their social presentation through body language training and  gait (walking style) modification.
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Medical Transition

Medical transition can involve hormone therapy, laser hair removal, and fertility preservation (sperm/egg storage) which can create dysphoria, intimacy concerns, and pelvic pain. We use counseling and hands-on techniques to help alleviate these concerns.

Surgical Transition

Surgical transition can include a variety of Top surgery and Bottom Surgery procedures. Pelvic Floor Therapy can significantly improve the outcomes from Bottom Surgery by improving recovery and reducing post-op complications like excessive scarring, post-op pain, or loss of depth. We achieve this through myofascial release (for minimizing scars), dilator training, and therapeutic exercises.

We can assist with recovering from the following Bottom surgery procedures: 

  • FTM procedures –
    Hysterectomy & Oophorectomy (removal of the uterus and ovaries)
    Vaginectomy and Colpocleisis (surgical closure of the vaginal walls)
    Metoidioplasty (surgery that causes the clitoris to work more like a penis, along with hormone treatment to make the clitoris grow larger)
    Phalloplasty (construction of a penis using skin from other parts of your body)
  • MTF procedures –
    Penile inversion vaginoplasty (creation of a vagina by inverting penile skin)
    Orchiectomy (removal of testes)
    Buttock reshaping and feminization 
  • Manual therapy techniques can improve recovery from Top surgery procedures by decreasing soft tissue tension patterns that can develop from change in upper body posture & biomechanics. 
    We can assist with recovering from the following Top surgery procedures: 
  • Chest reconstruction (Removal of breasts and breast tissue)
  • Breast augmentation (Creation of breasts with implants)

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