A First-time Mother's Guide to Pregnancy
Congratulations on the positive pregnancy test, but what now? Motherhood can a challenge, no matter if...
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Does Every Mother need Pelvic Floor Therapy?
Here are signs Tampa Bay mothers can look for during pregnancy & postpartum to improve pelvic floor health!
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Healing SI pain
How to take care of the pain in your behind. Let’s talk Pregnancy problems – we’re...
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Squatting for Birth
Does Squatting live up to all the hype? The easy answer based on research and personal clinical experience...
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Too Tight for Birth?
Can a knotted up Pelvic Floor affect your chances of birthing vaginally? The Pelvic Floor is like any...
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Pesky Pregnancy Leg Cramps And What to Do About Them
Pesky pregnancy leg cramps…we’ve all had them, some worse than others. As if getting some...
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