Making Magic in Missionary

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Learn 3 easy tricks to make the most common sexual position a lot more fun for you & your partner!

Whoever said that missionary position was boring, definitely didn’t speak with this sex counselor & pelvic floor therapist! The missionary position can be very helpful in a lot of situations. It can be wonderful for –

~ For people who experience pelvic pain – This is one of the most supportive positions, and doesn’t need a lot of “work” from the partner on the bottom. If someone experience chronic pelvic pain, being able to engage in sex, without excessive exertion on the pelvic & hip muscles can reduce pain, and improve pleasure.
For women who experience pain with vaginal insertion, this position can be further modified by resting both thighs on high pillows & attempting to “let go” of tension in the hip & pelvic muscles.
~ For a receiving partner with mobility limitations – If one of the partners has movement or strength limitations due to injury or a neurological condition, the missionary position is a great sexual position. Another position to consider is laying side-side, either facing each other or in a spooning position. For more information on being intimate while living with a chronic medical condition, please contact our pelvic floor therapist.
~ For exhausted moms – Let’s be real, the responsibility of caregiving and managing a household typically falls on the female partner in most households. As such, most women find themselves with little to no energy to engage in intimacy after a long day of caregiving & managing the home, in addition to their responsibilities outside the home. Missionary position requires less energy from the partner on the bottom, and can be great for women who want to engage in sex, while also finding themselves with low energy reserves at the end of the day. Another alternative would be to fit in your intimate connection at the beginning of the day or during downtime over the weekend.

~ For anyone else who wants to do it the old-fashioned way – The missionary position gets a bad rep as being being “boring”, but in reality, it can be very pleasurable for both partners. Watch the video below for 3 easy tips on how to improve your pleasure & connection in this sexual position that works for so many couples around the world!
For male readers – tip #2 can be especially pleasurable for you! This tip works best if your partner makes the V, and applies gentle pressure onto the sides of your organ.
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