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manual therapy for fertility conception

Find out how a medication free treatment can increase your chances of conception.

Most couples spend a lot of time and money in the journey of growing their family, but don’t know of the low-cost and medication-free method of manual therapy that can increase their chances of conception.

How can Manual therapy support Fertility

Visceral Mobilization or Visceral Manipulation is a manual therapy technique in which a trained practitioner (usually OT, PT, Chiropractor, or Osteopath) restores balance in the soft tissues around the abdominal and pelvic organs. Osteopathic theory states that an organ’s function is optimized when its structure is well balanced and without restrictions. By removing restrictions in the soft tissue supports around the ovaries, fallopian/uterine tubes, and the uterus, visceral mobilization aids in improved chances of successful conception and pregnancy.

Scroll through to see the latest evidence supporting the use of this manual therapy technique in supporting fertility.

Why have I not heard of this treatment before?

Visceral Manipulation or Visceral Mobilization is an advanced practice area requiring extensive self-study and hands-on education for a licensed health care provider. Most insurance companies do not include it as a covered healthcare service. Due to these reasons, few rehab and chiropractic practitioners pursue the additional training required to practice this skilled technique.

Another factor to consider is the low degree of inter-professional education that healthcare professionals receive during their training. Unfortunately, most Physicians, including Reproductive Endocrinologists, may not fully aware of all the ways an Occupational Therapist or Physical Therapist can assist their patients.

Can I use Manual Therapy during an IUI or IVF cycle?

IUI and IVF medications can cause inflammation and discomfort in a large majority of women. Due to this, its best to use Visceral Mobilization between treatment cycles. However, you can definitely use this manual therapy technique during a cycle, before the implantation in both IUI and IVF.
For those used timed intercourse, you can maximize your chances by starting Visceral Mobilization the week of ovulation.

How many sessions will I need?

The recommended frequency is 1 session every week from week of ovulation for a month, followed by 1 session a month for 2 months. This is general guideline, and often is not realistic when coordinating treatments with IUI and IVF cycles, in which case any treatments you receive will help maximize your chances of success.
Several of our clients choose to continue care for general wellness and maintaining the gains from previous sessions. 

Are there any side-effects?

Visceral Mobilization uses a combination of external deep tissue massage techniques over your belly and pelvis, and internal tissue mobilization through your vagina. Some women may experience some discomfort after treatment similar to that experienced after a chiropractic adjustment or deep tissue massage. Treatment almost never cause pain or other side-effects needing medical care.

Have any other questions?

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