What is the Pelvic Floor?

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In the most basic sense, the Pelvic Floor (PF) is a sling of muscle that covers the bottom of the bony muscle ring that forms the pelvis. These muscles are preset in people of all genders, and performs very similar functions, with some gender-based differences .

The pelvic floor is a large muscle that runs from the pubic bone in the front, to  tail bone in the back. On the sides, it attaches to the sit bones or ischial tuberosities.
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The above image is a female Pelvic Floor as seen from the bottom. As you can see, the muscle sling contains the clitoris, urinary opening, vaginal opening and the anus. If the Pelvic Floor is not performing at its best, one may have problems related to these important organs.
In men, the pelvic floor supports the prostate, the base of the penis, and the anus. The pelvic floor also contributes to suspending the scrotum and all of it contents (testicles, spermatic cord, connective tissue). 

❓What does the PF do?

✅It supports our internal organs, specifically the bladder, uterus, prostate & rectum
✅Helps us hold in and release (at appropriate times) urine & bowel movements
✅Helps us enjoy self pleasure & partnered intimacy
✅ Holds baby in during pregnancy, and stretches to help birth baby vaginally

❓Why is this info important?

Getting to know ourselves physically is the first step in regaining one’s Pelvic Health & Wellness.

✅ The hip & pelvic floor muscles are very closely related, and attach to the bony pelvis in proximity to each other. The pelvic floor is  also attached to the sacrotuberous ligaments, under which passes the sciatic nerve. Imbalances in these muscles & ligaments will affects pelvic floor function.
✅ Hip muscle stretches are often called “Pelvic Floor stretches” by online wellness influencers.  Will these hip stretches help the Pelvic Floor – possibly 💁🏽‍♀️, but are they PF stretches -no 🙅🏽‍♀️.
✅When we want to treat the Pelvic Floor, we want to focus on ***all*** of it, not just the muscles around the urinary opening. If one looks at the images above, it is obvious why the “stop your urine stream” Kegels don’t work. When using this cue,  you’re not using a large part of the Pelvic Floor muscles.

To correctly exercise your pelvic floor to solve your incontinence, pelvic pain, or sexual concerns, call us today at (813) 563-1585, or send us email by clicking here.  Our practice continues to be the best-rated pelvic floor therapy practice in Tampa Bay, and also provides pelvic health & wellness support worldwide through virtual care.

It is  ***so*** important to know our own anatomy. Understanding the pelvic floor can help with – 
👩🏽To use the correct muscles when performing Pelvic Floor exercises.
👩🏻To be comfortable with one’s sexuality and work towards the goal of enjoyable self pleasure or partnered intercourse.
👩🏿To correctly use scar massage and mobilization techniques to reduce Pelvic pain.
👩🏼To process sexual or obstetric trauma.

❓How to identify if you need Pelvic Floor Therapy?

If you have any of the below signs, you likely have Pelvic Floor Dysfunction and will benefit from Pelvic Floor Therapy through in-person care in our Tampa Bay office or virtual consultations.

❎ difficulty with pelvic support, or a feeling of heaviness/bulging in vagina or rectum
❎ Difficulty holding in urine, and emptying bowel movements. Chronic constipation can easily improve with PF therapy!
❎Pain with intimacy, no sex drive, inability to orgasm, or  decreased orgasm can significantly improve through our specialized care which combine hands-on pelvic floor therapy with sex counseling. 
❎ Chronic Pelvic pain in women and men.
❎ Pregnancy-related Pelvic pain – such as pubic pain, sciatica & tailbone pain

Most people with Pelvic Floor concerns respond very well to external and internal pelvic floor therapy. Call us at (813) 563-1585 or click here to start feeling healthier in your pelvis!

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